Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bonanzle-ya GOTTA love it!

Hello out there! All bloggers have to start somewhere and this is my beginning. I decided that since I'm so enthused about Bonanzle, my new selling venue, I should share with as many people as I can how great it is to shop and sell there.

I've been selling online since 1999. Long before that I made my living selling at antique shows, flea markets, & antique malls. I've traveling all over the US and had some really great times. I'm sure you will hear about some of them when something fun comes to mind.

Every venue - be it online or out there in the "real" world - has it's good and not so great features but this new site, BONANZLE is just so terrific and fun that I can not see how anyone could fail to fall madly in love with it.

If you do some searches on blogs, on Squidoo, twitter, etc. you will find a lot of other folks who are just as enthusiastic as I am. I'll be hooking you up with some of those in the future, too.

It's one thing to have a place for people to buy and sell. Bill & Mark - who we Bonanzlers refer to as The Boyz have created a very different and innovative way for the users at Bonanzle
to connect and work with each other. This is a concept lost on some of the other selling venues on the net. But that's a whole month's
worth of negative input - we'll try to avoid that!

Shutting up - time to talk about
Bonanzle and it's great features. My personal favorite is Hand Picked Lists

Since I can not resist some shameless self-promotion, here's one I recently created as an ode to the color fuchsia:

Fabulous, Flirty, Freaky FUCHSIA!

HPLs are not just for the fun of it. When you search on Bonanzle, you find lists that have been created with items on them that match your search criteria. It's a way of people showcasing other people's items which, IMO, goes to the heart of what Bonanzle stands for: community, sharing, and caring. See - right above the "FIND > fuchsia..."? That's where the HPLs that match that search are listed. Easy. But that's Bonanzle's middle name!

Here is one that I found that literally took my breath away because, well - just take a look. It is from seller pugs

Personally I think this list just speaks for itself:


I'd take a screen shot to temp to you click on that link but what woman can resist any kind of eye candy? Good taste, pugs. {applause} and holy attack of the vapors, Batman.

OK - that's it for right now. I'll be back. There's very little I like more than chatting even if it's just to myself so I'll probably be back soon with more HPLs, features on other Bonanzler's booths, blogs and just personal middle-aged musings about the internet, life, Bakelite jewelry, cars, dark chocolate and other health foods.......