Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day - A tribute to UNIQUE COMMODITIES on Bonanzle & Etsy


What is wrong with the Valentine's Day gift givers who passed this beauty up? Exquisite, classic design with hot red glass cube beads and a few bicones scattered throughout. This beauty is available for sale on Bonanzle in one of my favorite shops there: Unique Commodities.

If this beautiful necklace isn't Valentine's Day Red at it's finest, I do not know what is. Of course, the wonderful thing about getting something in classic red is that it's good all year long.

This beauty is something being offered for sale by one of my recently discovered purveyors of really pretty, classic jewelry designs on Bonanzle & Etsy - Unique Commodities. You can click on the title above to visit (and follow) her blog!

I have little doubt that you will find her to be as charming, friendly and professional as I have. And that her jewelry is classic, simple, elegant and are the kind of things that will always be in style. Like a vintage Chanel suit........