Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday's Talkin' - Today, it's another Hand Picked List RAVE!

I've blogged before about my admiration of the idea of "Hand Picked Lists" on Bonanzle.com because they epitomize so many different positive ideals. This is one of the things that enthralls me so at Bonanzle - the community there is very strong!

Of course, serious Bonanzlers are well aware that those positive ideals are all over the place in great abundance at

The idea for
Hand Picked Lists (AKA "HPLs") is that one user on Bonanzle.com names and creates a list, selects 20 items from other sellers' inventory based on their theme. They give it a title such as "Azure Skies", or "Pendants that POP!" and shop the inventory of Bonanzle, selecting other sellers' items to complete their lists. A minimum of 15 items is required for a completed list. Twenty items are required to selected for placement on Bonanzle's home page.

When you land on the home page, you will see one of the lists at the top of the page. Shown below is one of my personal favorites by someone who may well be The Queen of the Hand Picked List:

Of course, that's just MY opinion, I could be wrong......but I do not think I am. ECB has The Touch!

Granted, the format that Our Boyz**
created for the HPL really makes any list look fabulous but this one - well, that's just a jaw-dropper! Luscious, elegant, absolutely stunning! This is only one of many that ECB has created.

ECB's lists show up regularly on the home page and almost always pepper the "Top Rated" because of this, no doubt. I believe that this was The One that originally made me start watching for her HPLs.
Then I see this one titled "Save me A Seat" and I'm hooked. It has a very special quality - proves beyond a doubt that this is someone with a fine eye for - OK - sorry, no apologies for the pun, Eye Catching Beauty! It's obvious that we have a champion HPL creator here. ECB is definitely not the only great HPL creator but she's very obviously really "got it down" to a fine art!

This one is called "Charcoal".

I could go on and on and on but do not think that I am going to ignore yet a few more notable lists!

The next one features exquisite carnival glass and was created by rjmjstuff and is titled "Come to the Carnival".
The selections of fine Carnival glass available on Bonanzle is extra fine, eh? Go shopping for it NOW! You will clearly see that rjmjstuff found some of the very best items being offered for this great list!

If militaria is your thing, I found this superb list featuring wonderful vintage militaria created by basingater1.
Titled "Military Memories" is spans memorabilia dating from Civil War all the way up to the current Iraq "situation".

I could go on and on but I really need to get some actual work done today. So, here are some more lists that I think you might enjoy. Don't forget - check out the listings of those folks who CREATED the lists to reward them for their generosity of spirit!

Currently on the front page on

A Box for Jewels created by Starfisher

Meanwhile back at the Ranch created by BARNTIQUES859

Smoldering created by (shock) EyeCatchingBeauty

Bottle Stoppers created by GaragesaleGoddess

Oh heck - just go to
Bonanzle.com and see them all for yourself!

This whole thing boils down to one thing: Bonanzle is a very fun place to shop and sell. We hope many people will find us, come to visit, get to know us and perhaps even buy some of our goodies!

CHEERS! from STUFF on Bonanzle! Happy Cinco de Mayo

**(aka Bill and Mark - the creative team behind Bonanzle - both gentlemen are very creative, smart, useful AND quite decorative)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Morning Musings...about Delivering The Goods!

This morning as I was shopping around the internet, I was reminded yet again that a lot of internet sellers simply do not grasp what appears to have become an old-fashioned idea of "Customer Service" to a lot of online sellers.

Every time I shop I run into such policies as "ALL SALES FINAL!!!!!"

Today I saw one that really disturbed me: "If you don't buy insurance and it breaks, no way are you getting a refund."

Wow and hmmmmmm.......

Legally and morally, a seller is obligated to deliver any item that a buyer purchases from them in the condition in which it was advertised. A seller can try hard to pretend that they are not responsible if insurance is not purchased. The truth is: insurance protects the seller due to the sellers' legal obligation to deliver the goods for which they received payment.

Here's the thing: IT'S A SELLER'S JOB to deliver the goods. Period.

I take that obligation very seriously. It seems so simple to me. Someone buys something, I deliver it quickly and as safely as I know how. If the buyer is unhappy, I take it back - no questions asked other than "when do you plan to ship so I can be watching for it's delivery?"

So, to all of you buyers out there who don't yet know me - please understand that your pleasure and satisfaction with your purchases is MY JOB. I know this. I understand this. I take this obligation very seriously.

This is what I do to make my living. I make every effort to be someone you feel you can trust 100%. This is how it is supposed to be.

Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong but in this case, I know I'm not.

No one should spend their hard-earned money on something and then end up discovering they have shelled out "money for nothin'". It's not right and it won't happen when you buy from STUFF on Bonanzle!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Sunday Summary

Yet another super busy week. Where does all my time go? Have I lost all ability to be organized and massively productive? Could it be I read too many of the links sent to me via Twitter? Let us pretend for a moment that it's the spring housecleaning I've been doing that's taking away from my Bonanzle efforts. Make me sound so domestic. Trust me, that's not a word that has ever been used to describe me to the best of my knowledge.

Surely not.....

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I've listed some new items - nothing supremely rare or out of the ordinary but very nice pieces!

Bakelite (
shock!) Seth Thomas Wind-up alarm clock, set of 12 cherry red Bakelite (bigger shock) corn on the cob holders, a very unusualy and HTF one-piece Bakelite (will it never end?) knife, a Flemish Art Pyrography plaque, a mid-century Airguide Barometer, thermometer, humidity gauge, a super nice vintage 7 xxxxxxx quality western hat that was purchased in the 70s for the western themed party series held annually by his college fraternity and lots more! And - another charming item that is quite special - a tatted baby cap in pristine condition.

Here's a peek at some of these listings:

Come by and say hello!