Sunday, March 8, 2009

About that buggy VW Beetle.....

Just in case you were wondering if I ever got the vintage Beetle going, the answer is yes, of course I did. The thing about a good old fashioned vintage VW Beetle is that almost anyone - including me - can work on one and many times not even get their hands dirty.

That is what happened with mine. Something simple.

Long story short - it was a blown fuse and it's fixed now. Running like a top. Getting spectacular gas mileage. Parking in those little tiny spots in the parking lot where two duellies are parked on either side, over the line - with room to spare.

I'd forgotten how nice it was to have a small car.

Of course, it would be much better if it were a Z-3 convertible or a 300ZX but I'll live with this for the time being. You buy what you can find that works at the time - - - - when you don't want to be deeply in debt in the middle of a world-wide financial "situation".

Am I right?

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