Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dress Clips-The Dilemma of HOW TO WEAR THEM!!!

Recently I have listed quite a few Bakelite items at STUFF. This time I included some authentic vintage-made earrings including a very rare pair of true End of Day Bakelite ones, a few dress clips and some newly created from vintage stock earrings as well.

Very rare True End of Day Bakelite Earrings
True End of Day Bakelite = a minimum of THREE DISTINCT COLORS

As I list dress clips I am all too painfully aware of how difficult many people find dress clips to be: to sell and to figure out appropriate ways to wear them.

Unsigned Bakelite Dress Clip

If you will go back and take a peek at some photos from the glamorous old days of the movies - 1930's, early 40's - you may notice that there are an awful lot of dress clips being worn in various ways.

For example - you can clip one onto a sash at your waist - or even onto a regular belt if it's not too thick.

You can clip one onto an Omega and wear it as a pendant.

Rare, Resin-washed Bakelite Palm Trees Dress Clip

Or try clipping it on the pocket of your jeans.

Pocket of a blazer? Check!

Apple Juice Carved Bakelite Dress Clip w/Plastic & Metal Embellishments

Tie a pretty ribbon around your neck, tie a pretty bow and clip one on at the center of the box as a pendant - or turn the bow around to the back and clip over the center front and wear it at almost any length your little heart desires!

And here's one of my personal favorites that most people never think about - you can use a safety pin from the back side of your jacket or blouse or dress, slide it in and out with enough of the pin showing on the front that you can slip that clip portion through and clip it on there - just wear it like a brooch! Then, of course, close the safety pin on the back side and no one will know that it's not a "regular brooch".

Got a pocket on your skirt? Another good place to clamp a dress clip down.

Worried about losing your dress clips? I know a lot of people worry that they are not secure enough. Well, just get out a little tiny safety pin and pin the back securely where the safety pin can not be seen and there you go!

If you have any other suggestions on how to wear dress clips please drop me a line either through my blog or via my shop: Stuff on Bonanzle!

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