Friday, March 6, 2009

Having a HUGE 25% off sale this weekend-celebrate with me!

Good morning to all out there - wherever you are! I'm sitting here with a cup of expresso, and a bag of home-made chocolate chip cookies that I really have no business eating at all, let alone early in the morning. Sets a bad precedent for the rest of the day, huh?

I'm weak. What can I say? They are so good with a hot cup of coffee!

I just set up a 128-item Bonanza for 8 pm PST Sunday in my Bonanzle booth.

The Bonanza is for 25% off on the 128 items but I'm also offering from now until the end of the Bonanza - 10% off on all Stamp sheets - just drop me a message if there are any that are not offering OBO (or best offer). They are supposed to be but I might have missed one or two!

Why, I've even offered my Peacock feather new old stock Whiting & Davis and Art Deco lady New Old Stock Mesh bag at 25% off!

AND a bunch of Fenton glass like this dealer sign:

And this vaseline glass shoe by Boyd Art Glass:

And even this fabulous and highly collectible piece of from Richard Nixon's second term - Sterling Silver by Mark J. Scearce for Wakefield-Scearce Galleries in Shelbyville, Kentucky - a nip cup (or nipperkin) :

So - come on by and say hello. And don't forget the stamps at 10% off.

Like this sheet:

Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! Hope to see you soon at STUFF ON BONANZLE!

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