Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to the 70's Red and Black Decor-Where are the owl wallhangings and slate tables when we need 'em?

Seriously, do these items not just scream "college apartment"? Yikes! I can not tell you how many people I knew back in those days who had this exact bedspread and drapes to go with the bright red and black shag carpet in their 70's college apartment. It was pretty much required that you buy this set if you were fortunate enough to get one of the 2-bedrooms upstairs with the two balconies offering a view of the pool with the fabulous and very hard to get red with black shag carpet.

Remember those rowdy parties by the pool on Sunday afternoons? Free hot dogs and a keg of 3.2 beer? The beer would run out in a few minutes but the frat boys in that one apartment on the north side of the pool always had enough cases iced down to keep everyone going all afternoon. Ah, those were the days!

I'd be willing to bet that not too many people did not know someone who had this set and would just LOVE to see it all brand new and unused in their retro bedroom. It's just begging to have those "foam-backed" drapes removed from the original packaging and hung up with the matching bedspread smoothed nicely over that double bed in the retro room. It's perfection. Get some red and black towels for the bathroom and you will be rockin the 70s!

The color in the photo of the drapes looks light but they are the right match for the bedspread.

They are THAT deep dark red with black just like it shows in the top photo - which is of the bedspread, of course. The bedspread does not remain in it's original packaging like the drapes do. Imagine this pair was originally $12.50 and marked down to $9.37! Ya gotta love it when you find things like this, eh?

On another note, in another listing this week I have a really sensational bargain on a really nice quality folding knife by Kershaw - their popular 1050 model. Their suggested retail on this knife is $249.00. It's served up brand new in a nice leather sheath and a nice box. This one is a garage sale find and I snagged it for a hot bargain so I'm passing that on to you at only $65.00. There is no sheath and it's previous owner did not respect it as much as most people would have. It has obviously been used as an all-purpose tool to hammer in a nail or tent stake or two. It certainly did not a bit of damage to the function of this knife. It's a beauty! If your hubby loves a quality knife but does not want to spend over a hundred for one, here's a good opportunity to snag a real bargain! This baby has a 3.75" blade and a phenolic handle with brass bolsters.

UPC: 87171105000

MSRP: $249.00

Model Number: 1050

Buy it here for only $65.00!

Here's an all-time favorite for the Juliana Jewelry lovers of this world - a DeLizza & Elster signature five-link bracelet with the frosted-top gray kite-shaped rhinestones in silvertone metal, original safety chain and priced according to the fact that the stones have some dark spots on them. They don't look hideous but some people refuse to have anything in their possession that is not perfect!

UNDERSTANDABLE! That's how it must be for those of us who collect - we've got to draw our lines in the collecting sands - make personal rules, set parameters, buy what works for us in our collections, not what some other collector thinks is a "must have"! But this one might just happen to be a must have for one of you reading this - and if so, please check it out right here!

I just love, love, love these cellulose acetate pins! This one is large and a nice shade of cranberry with lots of variation of shading in the petals. There is a cold-enameled metal stem and leaves - so it's just about perfect! The only "issue" this pin has does not show at all - it's a little loss of the enameling on the back of the stem - it's ALL GOOD from the front!


Stop by and say "hello" to this beauty by clicking on this link!

No blog of mine would be complete without the mention of Bakelite, eh? These beads have been seen on crib toys and on baby strollers strung on a wire for baby to slide back and forth - to keep him or her-self entertained.

View 'em (and buy 'em) here.....

There are 27 of them - and they vary in shades as you see in the photo. Tested and guaranteed to be vintage Bakelite!

Caio! I'll try to get back SOON - to tell you about some of the other new things that are coming soon - like the many sterling thimbles I purchased recently at a garage sale, the crochet-edged vintage pillowcases, and selections from the rather significant piles of glass beads I have stashed over in the corner.......

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