Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sorry to have been so quiet, have been so busy of late. Spent the last couple of weeks working hard to find a new transmission to put into LeBug. It's very possible I've finally found just the right one - hard to find one for that pesky 68 Beetle!

As usual, I digress. The purpose of today's post is to talk about a big TODAY ONLY sale, not about that pesky little bug I love so much! After all, I DO need to pay for that tranny and the installation....and whatever ELSE they find when they get started.

So, today only, I'm offering
"Single jewelry items (Lots Excluded) - take 25% off any item over the price of $30.00" Please do note that the lots I have up are NOT included in this sale. Sorry - they are so cheap already. More on that in a bit.

Now, gang, that's a WHOPPER of a sale for me - you can make some BIG savings on this one! I don't do this too often so take unfair advantage of me today - please. I like it. It hurts so good, quit it some more.

Here are a couple of recent additions:

Eisenberg Ice Christmas Tree pin
- it's ALWAYS the right season to add to your Christmas tree collection! This one is an earlier one - it is SIGNED and on it's original card. Many of the later ones you see are only carded, not marked.

Ciner enamel hinged bangle bracelet - blue and green harlequin pattern - just perfect! Also have a white enamel one available.


Edwardian/Deco era Filigree Necklace!

Please check it out and place a BID (or at least put it on your watch list - maybe I can make The Pulse with it for REALLLLLLLLY great exposure!

This is a super necklace and it's in WAY better condition than most of these that we find!

Ain't it purdy?


Today will be the last opportunity for Bonanzlers to purchase those jewelry lots. They are cheap as DIRT - the dress and fur clip lot is only THREE BUCKS per item. The other one is 19 pieces for $25.00. Please. What MORE do you want? There are some GREAT pieces in that one! Pictures below:

Dress & Fur Clip Lot:

19-piece lot - mostly designer jewelry - Trifari, Coro, Musi, more - only $25.00

Last but not least, let me mention this lovely My Twinn doll that I'm selling for a friend! Sorry, don't know what her name is but I believe she's an "all Denver" doll and she's in good, clean condition. I don't see any damage to her face, her hair is a tiny bit mussed but she's in otherwise REAL nice shape - and she comes with the sweet little My Twinn nightie she's wearing - more photos available if you desire - just drop me a note! Oh yes, she has some minor discoloration in the ear holes - in a very small area.

Have a WONDERFUL spring day - hope your weather is warming up as beautifully as mine (finally) is - supposedly last night was the LAST of our really cold nights!

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