Monday, April 27, 2009

The Monday Morning Moan & Mirth........or why I rarely shop on eBay any more and sell my wares HERE now! (YES - click and see!)

This morning I decided I might list a couple of items on eBay. In order to see if it's even remotely worth it, I decided to do a little research on current and recently ended listings.

With the first search I did, I noticed something that, quite frankly, I am unable to not be snarky about. On what planet does a search for a piece of vintage jewelry relate to a search for a cursor or something I can not even fathom - "pixie kitchen". What the heck is a pixie kitchen?

Naturally I had to see if additional fairly general searches returned similarly just plain idiotic references in the "Related Searches" area.

Well, yeah. Of course it did. I got lost in doing more to see what eBay's so-called Best Match returned for me. Some of them returned nothing but some were so funny and outrageous that I took a few screen shots for your amusement.

Here's the pixie kitchen one - my original search was for 'celluloid rhinestone bracelet". I include the screen shot to prove to you - "you can not make this stuff up" or truth is always better than fiction:

So, for the record, if you are interested, this is what you get when you do that "related" pixie kitchen search on eBay.

Next, I did a similar search and this is what came up:

Yeppers, you got it ! I had never thought to look through the blackberry storm listings to find vintage jewelry - what was I THINKING? No WONDER other people sometimes find better jewelry for less than I do - I am just too stupid to know how to do searches on eBay. Only eBay's fine search software is smart enough to help me find what I want! How in the WORLD could I have missed that? I will find exactly what I am looking for if I search for a blackberry storm while really trying to find a celluloid flapper bracelet! OMG! I am just dumber than a puddle of redneck mud!

It's like a train wreck - you can't stop looking when you find these outrageous suggestions. With a train wreck, you know you might see twisted metal and severely injured humans. With eBay you never know what is going to happen.

Next search: "celluloid bangle". This one was not quite as outrageously stupid but it's still just not anything that anyone in their right mind would ever associate in any way with a 1920's flapper bracelet with rhinestones and a colorful resin wash - an ametrine ring!

So, one more - I moved away from Celluloid and on to Bakelite for this moaner.

This one really cracked me up! What does a cursor have to do with jewelry?

But this next one is my personal fave of the day and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do - yep, eBay this stuff is totally related to a carved Bakelite bracelet:

I have no more words. eBay just never ceases to amaze me.

Cheers - have a great week!

Come visit me - new items being listed as soon as I get off my patoot and go take some pictures!

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  1. Just for fun, I searched "Domino Magazines". It returned "rosanna cupcake" as related search. I clicked on "rosanna cupcake" and the search returned "0" results. Crazy!